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10 Most Recently Filed Conveyances

 Convey REF#Railroad NameDocument TypeCountyRecorded by CountyDescriptionReceived Date
View/Download File (1420 KB)  view file details 1718Chicago and Northwestern Transporation CoWarranty DeedBrown12/12/1988Deed No. 8547812/1/23 11:33 AM
View/Download File (2763 KB)  view file details 1713Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - HighwayWaukesha11/07/2019Public Highway Easement No. 5081401, CTH M3/12/20 07:20 AM
View/Download File (273 KB)  view file details 1712WisDOTQuit Claim DeedSauk03/06/2020Quit Claim of 4.12 acres of extra-width railroad property 3/12/20 07:10 AM
View/Download File (757 KB)  view file details 1711Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - HighwayKenosha01/09/2020Highway Easement across RR on CTH KR in Village of Somers1/10/20 03:24 PM
View/Download File (1365 KB)  view file details 1710Union Pacific Railroad CompanyEasement - Temporary LimitedOzaukee04/04/2018UP TLE at CTH D, Belgium, Project No. 4880-01-00, Parcel No. 15210/21/19 01:18 PM
View/Download File (2406 KB)  view file details 1709Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - HighwayRacine04/29/2019Soo Line HE No. 5080601, Project 3763-00-04, CTH KR, Parcel 72710/21/19 01:06 PM
View/Download File (2590 KB)  view file details 1708Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - Highway and temporary LimitedRacine11/02/2018Soo Line HE and TLE CP No. 5051001, Project 3760-00-70, CTH H, Parcel 66810/21/19 12:56 PM
View/Download File (2627 KB)  view file details 1707Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - Highway and temporary LimitedRacine11/02/2018Soo Line HE and TLE, CP No. 5050901; Project 3760-00-70 CTH H Parcel 661 10/21/19 12:44 PM
View/Download File (1984 KB)  view file details 1706Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - Temporary LimitedRacine03/22/2019Temporary Limited Easement, Project 2704-09-70 Braun Road, CP No. 508010110/21/19 11:37 AM
View/Download File (1190 KB)  view file details 1705Soo Line Railroad (CP Rail)Easement - HighwayRacine07/26/2018Award of Damages for a Highway Easement, Project 2704-00-75 Parcel 612U10/21/19 11:26 AM